zara august lookbook

 Zara never disappoints and this season's lookook is everything you need and want in a fall wardrobe. There are many more looks available at their website
I've recently become obsessed with emerald green, I purchased a pair of emerald green skinny jeans at none other than Zara about a month ago and that coat in the first look is calling my name. Unfortunately, I've put myself on a strict shopping diet (3 weeks in if you can believe it) so that coat will have to wait....or perhaps I could make a small exception, coats are necessary for fall right? I mean, I don't want to get sick from the chilly weather... :)
Their TRF line has a wonderful fall lookbook as well, I'll try to post some of my favorite looks tomorrow but for now let's dream about me purchasing that lovely green coat....and the navy blazer... and black tuxedo jacket...oh and sequin dress... I think my shopping diet just ended!

.pic via Zara.

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