five things

1. I want these Givenchy Cap-Toe Pumps! Check out other styles here

2. Yummy sorbet hues, not sure how these would look on but I'm definitely curious..

 3. nude & neon mani? YES PLEASE!

4. I've been searching high and low for the my perfect pair of denim shorts
5. A little weekend inspiration!

Actually 6th thing, I am obsessed with ABC's REVENGE! If you haven't watched it do so!

.pic via TheyAllHateUs, Pinterest.


mood board - neon brights

It's May! We're a little bit closer to warm sunny summer weather. It may not feel that way on this gloomy afternoon but we'll be soaking up the sun in our neon brights soon enough!

.pic via Tumblr, TheyAllHateUs, Pinterest.