love, chloe

My new perfume Love,Chloe is a powdery floral scent perfect for both day and night. Described as chic, sensual and sophisticated the bottle portrays this perfectly with its simple elegance (love the gold chain that attaches the cap to the bottle). One of my girlfriends went crazy for this perfume the other day and told me she couldn't stop smelling me (in a good way!). Although perfume doesn't always smell the same on everyone, I suggest you at least take a sniff of this lovely fragrance the next time you're out shopping. 

.pic via FashionGoneRogue.

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  1. LOVE THIS POST!!! Im so honored to be mentioned.. even if its just as the girl who was smelling you all night :):) You have truly made me fall in love with this smell. I may just go out and buy one now.. I just hope it smells as good on me.. Keep up the GREAT work, love all the posts so far! xoxox