who wore it best - red & pink

Remember when Emma Stone wore this adorable Giambattista Valli red top and pink skirt to the Friends With Benefits Premiere? 
Sidenote: still haven't seen that movie but I did see The Help with my friend Alix and we cried like babies (as did the rest of the theatre) go see The Help and bring lots of Kleenex. 
Ok let's get back on track, this unique color combo which was once a fashion faux-pas (aka Valentine's day overkill) is now up for debate. Sarah Jessica Parker pulls off these colors in a slightly more demure yet playful way while visiting Letterman in a Prabal Gurung ensemble. 
I vote for Emma Stone on this one simply because Sarah Jessica Parker's choice to complete her look with white pumps just doesn't do it for me.


.pic via Google, Just Jared.


  1. I'd vote Emma Stone also - even though the pink and red is almost the same for both of them, i prefer Emma's pink over SJP and find it blends WAYYY better together :) also.. i dont like the white pumps either :)
    Loved this one xoxo

  2. I personally find that SJP pulls it off better, because you have to take a second glance to realize she actually is wearing pink and red. She makes it kind of natural! But I have to agree white pumps really weren't the right call.

  3. I like the look of Emma Stone better (white shoes SJP?) but I like the red of Sarah Jessica Parkers better. I thought the red of Emma Stone was kinda harsh against that pink.